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The largest cannabis claims processor in Canada
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gojiRx is a patient access solution for medical cannabis claims


• Provide direct billing to insurers
• Simplify the claims process
• Enable real-time coverage response
• Remove payment obstacles
• Maximize utilization of coverage
• Lower out-of-pocket costs
• Eliminate insurance paperwork

Licensed Cultivators

• Reduce administrative burden by 60-80% [ref]
• Maximize ROI
• Optimize sales
• Minimize collections cycle
• Accelerate cash flow
• Enable patient preference for electronic claims [ref]
• Maximize patient loyalty and retention

Why Us!

Gap: Medical Cannabis Claims Processing

The unique regulatory process of prescribing and retailing medical cannabis has created a gap in processing electronic insurance claims to adjudicators under the jurisdictional standard for Canada, the Canadian Pharmacy Association (CPhA) Pharmacy Claim Standard (PCS).

Solution: gojiRx

gojiRx addresses this gap with real-time electronic adjudication supporting all adjudicators and networks in Canada that use the CPhA PCS. It is available to any licensed producer (LP) or retail pharmacy with a Health Canada cannabis license and set up as a health service provider under an adjudicator claims payment agreement.

Advantage: You!

Our platform enables effortless direct submission of claims to Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and their benefits administrator on behalf of your veteran customers. We also support submitting claims to a large number of insurers for privately-insured individuals who are covered for medical cannabis.

Our Services


We are the largest medical cannabis electronic claims processor in Canada.


gojiRx has a standard set of RESTFuL application programming interfaces to allow the retailer to fully automate the triggering of electronic claims from its technology ecosystem. These can be tailored to meet the unique workflow needs of retailers.

CPhA Gateway

gojiRx has a powerful gateway that manages traffic and routes the medical cannabis claim to the appropriate claims network and adjudicator and the response back to the retailer.


gojiRx’s user interface provides system administrator accounts to manage configuration such as product catalogues and reporting. Retailer agent user accounts are also available for manual data input of the claim or as a back-up to the retailer technology ecosystem.